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That Crazy Girl on the bench...

He was as usual sitting on a bench alongside the lake in a warm Friday evening. Suddenly his gaze settled at a couple sitting on his left-side. They were cuddling and laughing aloud. He got a little irritated by the PDA (public display of affection) of that couple.

"Why people become so inebriated in love" he thought.
It was not that he was never in love. He loved a girl so much that his heart was broken by the same girl who dumped him at the first opportunity of getting married to a rich man. He was now all skeptic about love, he hated the very concept of love and people talking about soul-mates. He enjoyed a girl's company only for short duration. He hates the concept of being in a relationship.

"The true love thing is just a mere hoax" he thought but his thoughts were diverted by an aggressive voice. He saw the couple sitting by his side were now having an argument. The smiles and laughs he was hearing earlier changed into anger and screams. He was not able to h…

5 Paranormal Events Most of us encounter in LIFE...

“Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”  -  R. I. Fitzhenry
We all know that Mysteries are a part of life, whether we acknowledge them or not. And from the time beyond, we have always tried to label all mystical events with various scientific explanations, some convincing our human egos and some not. And whether we are a believer of paranormal things or not, the mere mention of such events either excite or bewilder us.So read on and find out some everyday paranormal activities that most of us come across at some point in our life:
Deja vu It is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.
Many of us might had gone through such moments called deja vu, for example: you might be having a conversation with a friend and suddenly you feel a little weird as if you have already encountered the exact same…

4 Hilarious Stages In a Love Relationship

There's a reason why two people stay together: They give each other something nobody else can...

Ever thought of the different phases we encounter in our love relationship. If you look back until the present day in your relationship, you will at once realize the level of your will & endurance you must have showered on to make the relationship work. Here is a list of  4 different stages that I think we all go through during a relationship, so read on and you might find the stage in which you got stuck :

1. Surrealistic Stage:
Its the first stage of a relationship, when both the guy & girl just accepted they love each other, marking the   beginning of their relationship and with this they enter a dreamy zone. Everything suddenly seems surrounded in love and you are surprised that why you never realized that even sci-fi movies had love stories as their sub plot.  You become the center of attention among your friends and it seems that even your anti group is jealous of your new ach…