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From the day I can remember myself, I had seen my mom getting up early before the sun itself and then trying to wake me up. But up till now all her efforts to get me up before the sun had gone in vain. She had tried each and every tactic but it has all been a failure.
But it is not always the same with me, sometimes I do get boosted up by the so called idea of ‘early to rise’ that I woke up at 4:30 am and this lasts for a period of certain days, some weeks and at the maximum it lasted for 1month up till now and again I slipped back to my usual timings.
I don’t know why I am not able to stick to my new schedule and slowly & steadily moves back to my own comfort zone but I never stop trying.
Sometimes I think that getting up at around 7:30 am is my Basic Instinct J hahaha… and no matter, how hard I plan and follow my new schedule, I basically end up following my BASIC INSTINCT. And the more I give in to my instinct the more anxious and confused it makes me and I again make new plans to…


Do you believe in magic? Is there any supernatural thing happening around us? Is there any parallel universe or we on earth are the only beings existing?
I know you all must be surprised that why I am asking such questions, have I gone madJ?
Have you ever thought of any such thing? It might be that you are busy now with your worldly duties, working hard to earn or to make your ends meet and you will say that we have no time left to think about all such nonsense.
Its true also that we all are so busy with our daily chores that we don’t even have time, for the things we love than how could we think of such nonsensical things. But try to remember the last time when you asked such questions either to yourself or to someone else?
For some the answer could be the time when they were too young, I mean during their childhood,
For some it could be, when they watched a supernatural movie like Harry Potter, X-men etc. etc.
For some it could even be a first-hand experience with something un-natural, w…


Do you ever tried to do something that you are wishing from a really long time but are scared of its consequences?
Ask someone who just confidently finished giving a presentation in front of a large audience in spite of having an immense stage phobia,
Ask someone who in spite of the fear of rejection poured his heart out to the person he loved,
Ask someone who went out of the way to set his career for something his parents were against,
Ask someone who finally had the courage to break up from a long abusive relationship,
Ask someone who in spite of being ridiculed followed his heart and reached the top and now is a famous celeb,
Ask someone who was weak and fragile but still had the courage to live and now is the most sort out spiritual preacher,
Ask someone who went out of the way to fight against the injustice.
I am sure most of you must have done something similar to the things I have mentioned above and you know how it feels when your soul is free. The feeling is awesome, right? J
And if y…