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My warning letter to 'Stress'

Dear Stress,
Hope this letter does not stress you more. I need to tell you to stop stalking me from work to home and back. I think you have become obsessed by me otherwise how it would be possible for you to follow me even while I am brushing my teeth. 
Weird though it sounds yet you are everywhere. You end up making me confused & scared. Scaring me for what I am, how I look, walk or speak.  Nagging me to do things in the ways you like, preaching me your own cynic ways of self-help, yelling at me for not compromising for favors. Mocking me for trying something new even something small like a new dish I try to cook, you are there to spoil it. Are you crazy or vying to become the omnipresent God?
Kindly stop trying to befriend me although your tactics have garnered you many followers and many have even given their life for you yet be sure I am not one of them. Though earlier I had a fling with your elder brother “Depression” who, I must say is more attractive than you are.  And I …

The Soulful STRANGER

Have you ever met a "Soulful Stranger"? A stranger whose eyes met yours while crossing the street, or someone who just gave back something you lost mid-way, someone who brightened your dull day with a beautiful smile or someone who complemented you for something you really needed to hear that day, an encounter that felt a little weird as if you have known that person before. An encounter that was brief but intimate and your heart knew that it meant something even if you would never see that  person again.

If you met such a stranger than I am sure that the below lines would really connect with your concealed thoughts...

His eyes held me for a moment, And that momentwas quiet long, So long that everything came to a standstill, And stillboth of us were just strangers. Strangerswho just saw each other in a crowded place, A place we must have crossed many times, But that day, time itself chose to halt a little, And little did I know anything about those “soulful connections” before, Unti…

The Irony of MARRIAGE

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My Ignorance...



People change a lot that sometimes you must be wondering that “is this, the same person you have known for so many years?”  But change is good they say and you had to change accordingly, rather being the same person always.
But are your changing circumstances making you a better person or a “mature” person you rather liked to be called. Yes, ‘being mature’ might sound like a dream for most of you as somebody in the past might have asked you to be so. Be it your parents, your relatives, your friends and sometimes even strangers. 
Anyways, I was talking about change, and changing yourself is for the better, right??? But like all your fellow beings, you must be more prone to the other side of change. Yes, the negative side of it. Like all the other babies, you were also born with an aura that was heavenly (The aura that makes babies so adorable) but it disappeared each time you changed yourself a bit: Each time you felt a little less, Each time your heart was broken, Each time you …

Create Your Own Beauty

Beauty is coveting in every form, From physical appearance to art & songs.
You need symphony in the décor & dress, And even your shape & color should impress.
With time the ‘Beholder’ has also lost his sense, He sees ‘beauty’ with a “Conformist” glance.
“BEAUTY” can neither be ‘copied’ nor ‘feigned’, It can only be ‘Created’, ‘Praised’ & ‘Contained’.
Why you need to follow a ‘set- form’? When you can see ‘Beauty’ in both ‘roses’ & ‘thorn’. There is beauty even in the birds that mourn, Cause nature creates ‘beauty’ in the weirdest things known.

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