The Soulful STRANGER

Have you ever met a "Soulful Stranger"? A stranger whose eyes met yours while crossing the street, or someone who just gave back something you lost mid-way, someone who brightened your dull day with a beautiful smile or someone who complemented you for something you really needed to hear that day, an encounter that felt a little weird as if you have known that person before. An encounter that was brief but intimate and your heart knew that it meant something even if you would never see that  person again.

If you met such a stranger than I am sure that the below lines would really connect with your concealed thoughts...

His eyes held me for a moment,
And that moment was quiet long,
So long that everything came to a standstill,
And still both of us were just strangers.
Strangers who just saw each other in a crowded place,
A place we must have crossed many times,
But that day, time itself chose to halt a little,
And little did I know anything about those soulful connections” before,
Until your soul touched mine with the gleam of your eyes,
As if those eyes were something I was looking for,
Something that only the depths of my soul know,
Though I know I may never see you again,
Yet again I would love to relive that unforgettable moment,
Unforgettable because it was pure and simple,
So simple that it stood beyond the complications of life.
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