REALIZATION: THE TRUTH that could change your LIFE

So what does "Realization" mean? 

Literally it means: 'to become conscious or aware of (something)', and when this happens to us, I mean the true realization of something, its impact is of such a high magnitude that we finally figure out the bubble wrap in which we were living before. It is just a simple term if you see but when we come in terms with this simple word in reality, it opens up a whole new dimension to our present life.

Though realization of certain things might be painful and astounding yet you may agree with me that its better to realize the shrouded truth of that thing then to make your life a moronic one. 

Basically there are 3 different types of realizations that we all go through:

SIMPLE REALIZATION:  These are the most common type of realizations and most of us come in contact of such realizations in our day to day life.
Like a simple realization of a fresher in his first job that life is not a piece of cake even after he got a good placement from his college and now to him college's tough politics and hard projects (for which he earlier used to curse his college & even professors)  seems simple than the diplomacy of his new office. And as soon as he realizes this, the more he starts missing his college days. The same thing happens, when we start missing our childhood days, school days, including our days of freedom (the days when we were not committed to someone). All those days which we miss are just a simple realization that "grass is always greener on the other side". 

COMPLEX REALIZATION: These realizations make our life more complicated. For e.g. a wrong career choice, a wrong business decision, wrong choice of certain friends or even choosing a wrong person as our lover or life partner.

PREPOSTEROUS REALIZATION: These realizations are contrary to nature. Only a few encounter such a high level of realization. But such realizations do happen to some of us and its possible only to those who earlier have gone through both the simple and complex  type of realization. Those who turn their indignation into stimulation, thus stimulating their intellects to live a life of their dreams, a life without the shame of their previous mistakes. And the experience they gain from such a realization changes them to a better person each time. Yes, for sure such people are less but they do exist.

Our minds are always busy dealing with the above mentioned realizations each day but the most important thing that matters is the way our  heart deal with these realizations. For some, even a simple realization seems like a tough job as they are continuously busy missing their good old days and they never let their heart go free of those past memories. Such people are afraid of facing the reality in which they live. 

On the other hand some might face these simple realizations with a smile but the moment they meet a complex one, it makes them go astray from their path. They are not able to deal with their wrong choices. The choices which they thought would have been miraculous to their life proved a fatal one and so they start playing the blame game. 

Yes, there's a game of blame :-) and it starts when a person realizes that he has made a certain wrong choice. And as soon one realizes some wrong has been done to him, he starts thinking about the reasons behind it, he first blame his stupidity, then the people who supported him for that thing, then someone else who first suggested him than the other and the game continues. But the winner of this game are those who finally takes the blame on their poor choice and start life afresh with a new sensible choice. But this game is quite addictive, so be prepared to play it with all your might.

Finally, the one who shows all his valor towards the simple and complex realizations of life move towards the next step and that is meeting the preposterous realization  which is the most daring thing to do. As it requires a combination of different virtues i.e. courage, knowledge and spirituality.

So its totally a matter of choice as to how to deal with these different types of realizations in life (either do something or be ignorant even after realizing). Its all up to you, same as to chase your dreams and realize them or carry on with the burden that moves along with you. But be sure to become jealous of all those who have already unburdened themselves.We always ponder of how certain people enjoy life so much and we don't. I think you must have got the answer.

So just think for a minute and try to figure out the burden that you feel, it could be a realization that you must be ignoring from a long time. Accept it and move ahead or bear the burden. 
Try to Choose wisely this time...

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