Being a women sometimes feel so much enshrouded in a deceptive world, the world covered with a pretentious and misleading manifestations of the male counterparts of this universe. In spite of being a female who has been conferred by God the power of creative disposition, in other sense the power of creating a new life, women are the one always going through the ordeal of prejudice and confinement to certain rules set by the society. Is this the fate or consequence of the male chauvinism, or the apprehensiveness that women feel among themselves. Whatever the reason may be there has been no relief to a simple woman, moreover her ordeal has been summed up by the emergence of frequent crimes against her dignity.

We feel so happy to be termed as a fast developing world full of new scientific innovations and technological evolution, with women outdoing the men in many fields but at the same time the growing news of abominable acts against women leads to a questionable future for us. At one point women are working in a cutthroat environment of a corporate culture and at the other point they are not safe even in their well guarded homes. From husband to a complete stranger, all have now become perpetrators of violence against women in some recent incidents and its so shocking to hear all this that we most of the time avoid to discuss such things in public cause even we are ashamed of such heinous acts.

 Whom to blame all this for: the gender biasness, the societal norms, the prevailing sexism, the restraining customs or the over exposure to obscenity in media. We can blame anything or everything but I think the main cause begin with us, I mean being a woman what I feel about these things and how I gonna contribute to curb such activities? There is a certain sect in society which feel the victim herself is responsible for her ordeal, and I was shocked to hear these things being said from some women themselves. Does this point out 'women' themselves are the blame for such heinous crimes.

This all indicates the prevailing mental perception of 'woman' among women. So how can a woman who herself has a demeaning perception about women, can  actually inculcate the virtue of honoring women in her own family? How can she teach her child about the value of respecting and guarding women as a sister, wife or daughter? How can the young male of such a society can behave respectfully to the female around? And we can see, that the result of we becoming such a society are quite evident with the recent events.

 Women are always the source of creation from ancient history cause that's why we term nature as "mother nature", a female in origin, who is regarded sacred. Hence women and only women first, need to unify for their own upliftment. Women need to speak rather than to endure, then only we can find the escape route for the woes and worries prevailing in our society. 

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