Have you ever felt disastrous yet fantastic at the same time. I know quite an antagonistic statement, but at last life is a paradox of events that are disastrous yet fantastic. And yes such moments do happen to us. Remember those times when you feel all positive and vibrant watching or reading something inspirational. The times when the true stories of real life heroes inspire you to lead your life (no matter how depressed you are) in all positive attitude to make it better. Yes, I mean when you like a post in facebook so much that you share it with your nice comments, the time when you watch those reality shows that make you cry on the real life situations of certain people who in-spite of all odds are living their life to the fullest, the times when you finally make a resolution to finally give up your negative habits. Right, all these times you promise to yourself to feel more contend with yourself. But no matter how hard you try and how much of a happy-go-lucky person you become, there comes a point when you feel all drained up. Drained up of all your energy, and you know the reason behind, I am sure you know it. Yes, its the inspirational overdose, the overdose that is killing you now which is leading you to something called 'The Pretension': the way that you pretend to the world that you are unaffected by the pain present in your life. You show to everyone around (even to the closest of all) that everything's good but from within your soul only knows the truth. Cause when you feel all pumped up by the inspirational stories and you try emulating them, its all good for one or two days or 2 or 3 weeks, may be at-least some months. But at last, at the loneliest point of one day, your heart gets choked up with all the pretentious positivity you faked and tears oozes out those reclusive eyes. And when this happens that's the moment you switch back to reality and here comes the moment of real change. Its the time when you decide to do a real change, leaving all the pretensions behind. And that's the moment you feel disastrous & fantastic all together. If you have gone through such situation I know you must be knowing how that feel. It's really painful yet surreal. 

So now its up-to you to prevent yourself from the overdoses of inspirational thoughts & pretending to feel better or to try & accept your reality (no matter how painful it is), spending some time in self introspection i.e. giving time to your wound to heal as only then you can change. So try closing that book of 'how to be happy in 7 days' & rather go out and breathe as you know that overdose of anything can be dangerous. 

“Unreason is an essential medicine as long as you do not overdose.” 
                                                                                                                         ― Dean KoontzForever Odd

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