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Hello friends... Was reading a book named "The Fifth Mountain". Almost completed it, quite a captivating book. But suddenly a sentence in it caught my attention:

"She was free, for Love Liberates"

And this made me to ponder, 'do love really liberates?'. Had gone through different stages in life and experienced a lot, I still feel difficult to comment on this thought. I had always seen love enslaving people rather than liberating. The moment a person become a parent, his love for his child starts enslaving him, giving himself to the demands of his loving child.
The love for his family enslaves a good child to follow the path chosen by them for him and if his free will forces him to break away from his loving family bond, he is no more a loving child of his parents.( and this implies to many things in his life, like the decision for his friends, career, love and even marriage)
A loving wife is always enslaved to the commitments towards her husband, compromising for him at each and every point of her life to make her family a "happy family" otherwise she is not at all a loving and caring wife.
A loving boy friend at the same time is also enslaved by her girlfriend, I know many boys would agree to that at once :-) and if a boy has a loving girlfriend, she is also enslaved to his commands of doing this and not dong that.( and I am again sure that many girls who have gone through a possessive relationship with their guys know it better.)
Then how is all this "LIBERATING".
Or we can say that all this is just mere a perception about LOVE, Which is unknown to us yet. And those who have TRANSCEND the boundaries of this "Perceptive Love" and entered the horizons of "True Love" are actually LIBERATED???
God only knows that or the ones who have actually witnessed this "LL" (LIBERATED LOVE) phenomenon.
Are there any real people who witnessed "LL"? At-least I have not and not even met any of those. But as you know I am a believer, so I am sure to meet such people in future and would like to hear their stories and comments on my blog.:-_


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