One of my old friends called me today after reading my post on “Liberated Love” and reminded me of one of her story enlightening me about the “Liberation involved with Love”. And on the condition of anonymity she agreed that I could share this story with all of you, might be you could also find this one illuminating your fears…
So as all stories start, it goes like:
Once upon a time J, I used to study in 11th standard and did a coaching to enhance my study techniques (as usually told to students joining coaching in their eleventh grade). So I made a friend there, named Neha (name changed to maintain anonymity). She also studied in the same class but was from a different school. We both became good friends from the day one of the coaching and were alike in many ways related to studies… like we both were average students in the class neither toppers nor losers, so we always used to sit in the middle rows of our class (neither too close nor too far from our teachers) rigorously taking notes of whatever they taught us. Slowly and slowly Neha and I started chatting a lot. We used to stay back after coaching time and discuss our daily routine. So I should finally start getting to the main point as the story is not about me but about Neha…
So one day Neha told me about a new boy named Ashutosh, who has just joined the school and was a real rascal. I asked her “What’s the matter dear? You never use such words for anyone.”
“But I am using it now for this idiot Ashutosh. God knows what he think of himself.” Neha said with much irritation.
“Something’s wrong? Tell me, what happened.”  
“ Arre nothing yaar, you know today morning after the school assembly when I was entering the class, a guy suddenly rushed out and banged with me at the door of the class, and when I looked at him with anger he ignored me and went off without even apologizing”.
“How rude.” I said showing sympathy towards Neha.
“Yes, really… how rude of him… later I came to know that he is a new student of my class itself and was the topper in class 10th boards in his previous school. There was all praises and applauds for him in my class and that geek didn’t even know how to behave or he bargained his manners with his good marks.”
I started laughing at this thought of her. “Let it be Neha, don’t worry. He’s a fool.” I said to calm her anger.
So days passed by and each day there was a new story about Ashutosh that Neha filled me with. And it was all about what a show off person he is, how he likes to flaunt his good English speaking techniques and how he throw charms on all the teachers in school. And also in many instances he tried to throw his charms on her or I should rather say that tried to talk to her but Neha had taken an oath from the first day that she will never ever talk to that rascal.
Neha was quite a loner and an introvert; she never used to talk much in class except to a limited list of friends. This was mainly because she was the only child of her parents who was both working and fighting and settling their own egos with no time for her. She was always at the edge of getting everything from her parents whether they were the things she wished for or the things she was forced upon like been scolded often for every single thing and all this made her quiet and meek. She was always in the fear of being scolded by someone, not only her parents but also her teachers, classmates, etc etc etc.
But she was a blessed child as she had an immense power of creativity in her, she can make anything out of waste, she was a good artist, she had a sketch book, which she showed me, it was full of beautiful sketches and pictures of models she made out of waste shoe boxes, paper etc etc… but in spite of all this she was a quiet and humble girl.  And one day Neha told me that she will show me her new sketch that she had made after the coaching time. But after class she was not able to find her sketch book.
“Are you sure you brought your book today” I asked Neha
“Yes, it was in my school bag, I was showing some sketches to Priya today in school, but where the hell I lost it?”
“It could be possible that you left your book in school, might be at your desk.” I tried to remind her.
“Could be, but now tomorrow is our class trip and I would not be able to go to the class as the bus will pick us all up from midway.” She said with much exasperation.
“It’s ok, you will find it. Don’t worry.” I again tried to console her.
And the day after her class trip, I again met Neha in coaching and was concerned about her book that was lost. But I found out a new story from her and it was that on the day of her trip, she reached on time at the place where the bus has to come and pick them up. It was a 2 seater bus and her other 2 only buddies in class had already occupied places comfortably and therefore she had to sit alone on the other seat. Everyone was seated and the bus finally moved towards its destination, there were screams of excitement in the bus but Neha’s Mood was still off because of her lost book. She was in her own self when the bus suddenly stopped and she was surprised to see Ashutosh entering the bus and seeing no place vacant sat beside her. It seems that he was late because of some reason and so he called one of his teachers and requested to pick him up from another place.
And so here was Neha sitting beside Ashutosh all quite and irritated, first of all because of him and the other because of her loss. After some time Ashutosh tried to start a conversation with Neha:
“Hi Neha, everything’s fine?”
But Neha was all quite, not interested to talk to this rascal at all.
Then suddenly Ashutosh took out a book from his bag and placed it in Neha’s lap. It was her sketch book. “My book, Oh my God, from where did you get it?” Neha said with much surprise. She was finally happy to find her lost book.
“Oh.. that book.. it was lying under your desk.. you must have forgotten to take it, after the school was over, I found it and thought that you must be worried, so I brought it here.”
“Thanks  a lot. You don’t know how worried I was.” Neha said with a smile on her face.
“I could make that out after seeing it, that how much upset you must be. It’s a great work of art you have done here. Wow, really all of it is amazing. You yourself made all of those?” he asked with much excitement.
“Yes, I had made it myself, what you think of yourself? Only you have the rights for everything good.”
“I don’t mean that… and exactly what is your problem Neha. I had always seen you very quiet and distant from all that is going on in the class and especially from me.” Ashutosh said that with a gentle tone.
“No problem is there, it’s just that I don’t like mingling up with others and as far as you are concerned you created a bad impression from the first day I saw you.”
“Ohhh.. I know what are you talking about… really I realized my mistake later and tried to apologize to you several times but you didn’t heeded to me at all. I know, I am sorry for my behavior that day, really I am sorry Neha, now please forgive me” Ashutosh said it in a much convincing manner.
“Ok, I forgive you.” Neha said it as if she was some kind of God and they both started laughing.
And from that day they both started becoming good friends and now started another saga of stories about Ashutosh and it was again me who was at the receiving end of all the tales told by Neha, but this time it was all good things about him, like how good he was, how supporting he was, how he helped Neha in solving a particular numerical and how he encourages Neha to develop her creative skills. To tell you the truth I never took much interest in all this stories as I was in an all girls school and her idea of liking a guy so much was beyond my imagination until then J
Slowly and steadily this liking of Neha started changing into Love. She started becoming crazy about Ashutosh. It was like, the only topic to discuss between us was Ashutosh, how cute is he, what a nice orator he is, how impressive his talks are, how intelligent he is… and the list goes on and on. But whatever it was I felt a great change in Neha, she started talking a lot; she even started making projects with Ashutosh and presenting it in front of her teachers and even displaying her skills in many of the science fairs being organized.
I met Ashutosh once in one of the science exhibition. Neha introduced me to him. And my first thought was that: they made a really cute couple. But Neha told me yesterday that it was her love for Ashutosh that changed her a lot. She tried to be as good as him, whenever she was with him. His love really took out the best from her. She became one of the best students and was one of the topper in class 12th and now is working with one of the well known MNC as an interior designer.
So this was Neha’s Love story. As of now Ashutosh and Neha are no more a couple. They have moved on in their life but still are friends on facebook. But according to her Ashutosh’s love was the only thing that liberated her from the clutches of her own fears and made her what she is now.
So, the new glimpse of love enlightened me to a new level, changing my views for certain aspects of love:
 It’s not necessary that your true love relationship had to be eternal to liberate you, it could be a fleeting experience but if it’s true, this love could last in your heart till eternity.

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