Sometimes God’s plans for our life are somewhat different from ours and that’s the time when we are at the state of uncertainty or perplexity of what’s gonna happen next. “THE DILEMMA” that time is unbearable, I am sure most of us had gone through such situations when we wish for something so much that it seems that God is making fun of our belief, our faith on Him, He is not giving us what we want intentionally. So sometimes, He gives what we wished for and most of the time He doesn't allow it to happen and we are left all broken and betrayed by Him. Now this is the time when we become aware of our inner strengths and weaknesses. The more weak we are, we become more prone to a disastrous life (some souls are so weak that they even commit the sin of ending their own life), and the more strength we show, it leads to a path of glory and more near to the spiritual presence of Thee.
So here is a poem that I wrote when I was going through “THE DILEMMA”. Hope it will provide you all with some insight and strength for facing “THE DILEMMA”:

Wished, that my wish could become a reality,
Hoped, that my hope doesn't become my liability.
Dreamt that my dreams would finally befall,
My soul is still wriggling with this all.

Your plans, I suppose are different from mine,
Making me to grumble and whine.
But life, I suppose is an expedition,
Leading us to the treasure of strength and innovation,

Some take your plans as threat,
And for some it’s a never ending jest.
As for some Your threat leads to their end,
And for some Your jest unfolds a magic wand.

But here I am, with all my hopes & desires entwined,
Your plans threatening my dreams to shine.
Why your will is different from mine?
Am I the culprit of some undefined crime?

But whatever You have planned for me,
Be sure I would not show a sign of weakness to thee.
I know, I have been given an opportunity to live,
And will live it up, till my life’s gonna slip.

I am a soul with a free will,
And will never give up even if this dilemma is just a drill,

I will always Wish that my wish could become a reality,
Hope, that my hope doesn't become my liability,
Dream, that my dreams would finally befall,
And my soul will wriggle free with this all. J

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