Do you believe in magic? Is there any supernatural thing happening around us? Is there any parallel universe or we on earth are the only beings existing?

I know you all must be surprised that why I am asking such questions, have I gone madJ?

Have you ever thought of any such thing? It might be that you are busy now with your worldly duties, working hard to earn or to make your ends meet and you will say that we have no time left to think about all such nonsense.

Its true also that we all are so busy with our daily chores that we don’t even have time, for the things we love than how could we think of such nonsensical things. But try to remember the last time when you asked such questions either to yourself or to someone else?

For some the answer could be the time when they were too young, I mean during their childhood,

For some it could be, when they watched a supernatural movie like Harry Potter, X-men etc. etc.

For some it could even be a first-hand experience with something un-natural, which they believe to be extra-ordinary from the normal,

And for some such questions could be a mere shit thing, right?

But whatever the reason may be, at some point we all ask ourselves or are curious about the existence of supernatural beings. That’s the only reason that movies based on such topics are an instant hit among the audience. The talk about aliens, witches or vampires excite us or I can say it’s a full-too entertainment from the boring daily routines of our lives.

Or as I think that they are the escape routes from the vulnerability and fragility of our human existence here. We feel great after watching Harry Porter fighting the evil with his magic wand, we find solace in the loving saga of Bella & Edward Cullen (The Twilight Series), and we feel great as savers of the planet watching Avengers.

No matter how much of a non-believer we are, such supernatural things attracts us at once. From my perspective I think that we all wish to achieve certain things in life that seems impossible as mere humans:

Like for some fighting our own demons and getting away from past seems impossible so we really love to watch Wolverine doing so,

For some finding true love seems a fake thing so we cherish the moments watching Twilight or the Illusionist,

For some fighting against the most evil or dangerous person in their life needs a lot more valour hence reading about all the super heroes or watching Harry Potter doing so can be quiet a contentment, and the list can go on and on with various examples. Actually when we think about such supernatural characters or watch such movies we vicariously personify ourselves as them and experience a feel good factor after watching them achieve what we ever wished for.

And I know you all are aware of what I wrote above, and I think that, such vicarious experience can really be used in our real life situations. I want to confess you a personal thing here, that whenever I am really disturbed or have some problem I behave as if I have been bestowed with some magical powers. So when I am all alone, I try to imagine that I am solving my problem using all of my magical powers. This is actually known as “The Visualization Process’ and I borrowed it from the book: “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. And for me this process has actually worked wonders. As in spite of whining around and complaining about my problems that tends to create negative vibes and enhancing the problem situation, I now focus my energy on solving the situation through visualization and it makes my mind more determined to get out of the disastrous situation and I actually work towards achieving my goal. But this visualization thing have to come together along with a strong positive belief and faith if you really wish to get what you wish for.

So the next time you think about any supernatural crap don’t hold on your thoughts, instead let them flow and try to dig deep into it, might be, you could find an answer to your problems?  

And all said and done it finally comes to your belief and faith because faith can make you worship an idol and can even turn the mountain upside down. Therefore believe in that supernatural existence of yours and expect the unexpected…




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