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My CRAZY Wishes... (A short poem)

On a Friday full of hopes of a happy weekend, I dream of doing things that only my soul can transcend. Yet, I wish to go beyond the barriers of my consciousness, That upholds me with the fear of public imperiousness.  
I wish to stroll through a path unknown, Without the fear of behaving in a particular tone. I wish to show my love aloud, Unrestrained by the sophisticated crowd.
I wish to laugh & scream, jump & fall without any reason, And get drenched by the clouds while flying above the vast ocean. I wish to sing & dance at my own clumsy ways, And openly chuckle at some absurd ideological displays.
Yes, I wish a lot of things that sound inane, Yet I dream to act like somebody insane. I am tired of behaving as a human clone, Lifelessly moving & fitting in a predefined zone.

So I was changed...

How cool the above saying is.... The moment I saw it, I was in love with this thought. I don't know the source but whoever wrote it must be awesome. Its quite humorous but on the other side it needs guts to say so. If you are thinking why anything like that needs gut then wait and think again. Are we not afraid of change?

In the words of a famous Russian writer, its quite evident:

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
― Leo Tolstoy

We feel safe living our same banal life even if it no more excite us. 
We fear to quit those things that no longer interest us but has become our habit now. 
We love to crib about certain things and are not ashamed to grumble even in public.
Moreover we love to make fun of others who take risks &
We are unable to understand why some people are so dumb to do things that are not safe for a routine life.
We fear to follow our dreams cause we are afraid of change.

Yes, CHANGE is something that scares the hell out of us.



Have you ever felt disastrous yet fantastic at the same time. I know quite an antagonistic statement, but at last life is a paradox of events that are disastrous yet fantastic. And yes such moments do happen to us. Remember those times when you feel all positive and vibrant watching or reading something inspirational. The times when the true stories of real life heroes inspire you to lead your life (no matter how depressed you are) in all positive attitude to make it better. Yes, I mean when you like a post in facebook so much that you share it with your nice comments, the time when you watch those reality shows that make you cry on the real life situations of certain people who in-spite of all odds are living their life to the fullest, the times when you finally make a resolution to finally give up your negative habits. Right, all these times you promise to yourself to feel more contend with yourself. But no matter how hard you try and how much of a happy-go-lucky person you become,…

What Women Want?

What is the thing that a woman always crave for? This is quite a controversial question with many ambiguous answers, which has been debated and explained by several intellectual men and all that they have concluded is 'nobody can ever understand women including God who created them'. Quite a humorous conclusion by the confused men who are still trying to understand the most complicated creation of God. 

Is the thing being said for women that they can never be pleased or satisfied by anything is true, or just an opinion made by the so called unsuccessful men tormented by their lovers. Why men cannot understand the fickle minded attitude of their woman, her hostility for petty issues is unfathomable to them (that now you don't even care to know the real reason behind her mood swings & let her do what she wishes while you keep yourself busy with your phone or laptop.)  

This question about what a woman actually want really intrigued me a lot that I tried to find the answer …


On valentine's day I am posting an old poem of mine which I wrote during the time when I first perceived the meaning of LOVE with my best friend who is my soul-mate & my life partner now. This poem always takes me to the time when our LOVE was just innocent, pure & simple. Actually the start of a LOVE relationship is always innocent and to think about those cherished moments, which anyone spent during the start of a relationship, is always a joyful journey through the past. So here's wishing all a Happy Valentine's Day and may the reasons to celebrate Love never ends...

From my childhood I am skeptical about God, 
Is He exists or is He not.
This curiosity created such a profound interest in me, 
That I started to search Him in whatever I see: 
The Moon, the Trees, the Stars, the Sun, 
The Birds that sing and the vast Ocean.
Who fill in them there prominent characteristics, 
as if all elements of nature are well groomed, 
The brightness in the Sun, 
The calmness in the Moon, 


Even the closest person was not able to understand you at one point,
And there were times when even a stranger made you smile,
The worst happened when you were on cloud nine,
And the best crept after you stopped paying attention to your nonsensical mind.

You passed an exam for which you have been constantly telling your friends that 'you gonna fail',
And you failed your expectations for which you were sure you gonna make through.
You stop believing on something that before was your life,
And you followed the path that earlier seemed impossible.

You were in tears realizing about  the pain & hardships of others,
And you were numb yourself while struggling with your own troubles.
You found out that the concept of 'devil' ruining lives is a bit true,
And you were amused to even find angels during your days of woe.

You were all revengeful for the one who broke your heart,
And in turn (might  be unintentionally) you also broken many hearts.
You finally found out that som…


Being a women sometimes feel so much enshrouded in a deceptive world, the world covered with a pretentious and misleading manifestations of the male counterparts of this universe. In spite of being a female who has been conferred by God the power of creative disposition, in other sense the power of creating a new life, women are the one always going through the ordeal of prejudice and confinement to certain rules set by the society. Is this the fate or consequence of the male chauvinism, or the apprehensiveness that women feel among themselves. Whatever the reason may be there has been no relief to a simple woman, moreover her ordeal has been summed up by the emergence of frequent crimes against her dignity.

We feel so happy to be termed as a fast developing world full of new scientific innovations and technological evolution, with women outdoing the men in many fields but at the same time the growing news of abominable acts against women leads to a questionable future for us. At one…

REALIZATION: THE TRUTH that could change your LIFE

So what does "Realization" mean? 
Literally it means: 'to become conscious or aware of (something)', and when this happens to us, I mean the true realization of something, its impact is of such a high magnitude that we finally figure out the bubble wrap in which we were living before. It is just a simple term if you see but when we come in terms with this simple word in reality, it opens up a whole new dimension to our present life.
Though realization of certain things might be painful and astounding yet you may agree with me that its better to realize the shrouded truth of that thing then to make your life a moronic one. 
Basically there are 3 different types of realizations that we all go through:
SIMPLE REALIZATION:  These are the most common type of realizations and most of us come in contact of such realizations in our day to day life. Like a simple realization of a fresher in his first job that life is not a piece of cake even after he got a good placement from…