What Women Want?

What is the thing that a woman always crave for? This is quite a controversial question with many ambiguous answers, which has been debated and explained by several intellectual men and all that they have concluded is 'nobody can ever understand women including God who created them'. Quite a humorous conclusion by the confused men who are still trying to understand the most complicated creation of God. 

Is the thing being said for women that they can never be pleased or satisfied by anything is true, or just an opinion made by the so called unsuccessful men tormented by their lovers. Why men cannot understand the fickle minded attitude of their woman, her hostility for petty issues is unfathomable to them (that now you don't even care to know the real reason behind her mood swings & let her do what she wishes while you keep yourself busy with your phone or laptop.)  

This question about what a woman actually want really intrigued me a lot that I tried to find the answer for it. So I started my quest with some research first. And an interesting fact from the past caught my attention:
It's a story from the pages of history, the story of Napoleon Bonaparte, the great Emperor of french. It is said that Napoleon underwent several changes in him & his life in order to please his wife Marie Louise. In the words of a writer' Lyndon Orr' who wrote about this story of Napoleon in  his book 'Famous affinities of history', he wrote about Napoleon :

  " Where he had been rough and coarse he became attentive and refined. His shabby uniforms were all discarded, and he spent hours in trying on new costumes. He even attempted to learn to waltz, but this he gave up in despair. Whereas before he ate hastily and at irregular intervals, he now sat at dinner with unusual patience, and the court took on a character which it had never had. Never before had he sacrificed either his public duty or his private pleasure for any woman."

But even doing so much in order to please her wife and to win her love, Marie Louise is condemned in history:

 "that she was unfaithful to Napoleon, that she abandoned him in the hour of his defeat, and that she gave herself with readiness to one inferior in rank, yet with whom she lived for years."

But this is just one side of truth, the truth that was shown to the world from the side of a man i.e. Napoleon but if you know the other side of the truth, from the point of view of a woman, it might lessen the intensity of the harsh judgement that has been passed on her. (those who are interested in the story can follow the link given at the end of the post.
So we can conclude that even  from the  ancient times, a woman is termed as mysterious, befuddling man as to what she likes and what she hates. 

The second thing I did to find the answer was to talk to several women that were available around and the astounding thing was that they themselves feel trapped in this question of what they really wish for, why certain moments (which they later realized were not so important) make them uneasy and aggressive & why shopping soothes that uneasiness only momentarily. So the question here gets more complicated that what is that woman really wants that thing which even she sometimes cannot fathom. 

This made my quest more bewildering. And at that moment I tried to self introspect, my final & only hope to get the answer. And this took me to my past, the days when I was a child and my mother also a working woman who used to took care of our whole family, our needs & even my expensive demands, she sometimes used to get irritated on me and my father and at that time I never really understood her irritation her mood swings, I used to run away from her when she was all irritated and never listened to what she was saying that time. But the thought of this finally gave me the answer. What is that a woman really wants? She gives away her own family and accept her Husband's family as her own the moment she is married. Then she gave herself and her love completely to the man she marries, she raises her children with the utmost care and compassion that she can give, and in return she just wishes to be listened when she talks the crap out of her heart, she needs someone to make her feel valuable & wanted, that's all. And this and only this she wants, she never wish the man in her life to make opinions about her as she herself doesn't know what she is going to do next. 

I think I got my answer to some degree & it was able to satisfy my curiosity to some level but as we say that nature favors variance in all its form so there could be a different answer (in someone else perspective), as for me this revelation gratified my quest :-) 

Link for the complete story of Napoleon and his wife Marie Louise:

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