On valentine's day I am posting an old poem of mine which I wrote during the time when I first perceived the meaning of LOVE with my best friend who is my soul-mate & my life partner now. This poem always takes me to the time when our LOVE was just innocent, pure & simple. Actually the start of a LOVE relationship is always innocent and to think about those cherished moments, which anyone spent during the start of a relationship, is always a joyful journey through the past. So here's wishing all a Happy Valentine's Day and may the reasons to celebrate Love never ends...

From my childhood I am skeptical about God, 
Is He exists or is He not.
This curiosity created such a profound interest in me, 
That I started to search Him in whatever I see: 
The Moon, the Trees, the Stars, the Sun, 
The Birds that sing and the vast Ocean.
Who fill in them there prominent characteristics, 
as if all elements of nature are well groomed, 
The brightness in the Sun, 
The calmness in the Moon, 
The deepness in the Ocean.
The sprightliness in the nature is seized by whom.

This made me to ponder that I am in a wonderland, 
Full of beauty, magic and love with no end.
I started believing in His existence and took him as my best friend, 
But as I started growing up, I saw a great change
The beauty, magic and love faded to become misery, darkness and pain.
I found the people of this wonderland full of contempt, hate and disdain. 
I again became skeptical about His existence and all my efforts to believe in him went vain.
And I began to live my life in darkness, full of negative thoughts and strain.
But the mystery of life unfolded a new chapter for me.
Making me again near to the spiritual presence of Thee.
I felt the warmth of sun, the affection of the flowers, enthusiasm of the falling rain.

And my soul was drenched in LOVE, 
In love I found the answers to my all queries, 
The magic of LOVE left me with no worries.
Someone special entered my life, 
His magic wand created an aura of positive vibes
This changed my view of seeing life a lot, 
Wriggling free from the trap in which I was caught.
I believe now in the Almighty Lord, 
Whether He exists or whether He not? ? ? 
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