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I am sure most of you have celebrated a lot of Birthday parties in their childhood. And you remember the time when we used to decorate our rooms with balloons for such parties. In my case, I had a small gang of kids for doing this task of inflating balloons and we used to compete as whose balloon would be larger, and in doing so I always used to fill the balloon with more and more air, using all my efforts. Actually as kids we give our soul into the things we enjoy, & it was similar, no matter how hard it was to blow a big balloon, I tried it with all my heart. And sometimes during this process the balloon got filled beyond its threshold limit and burst out making a large bang and all the kids present used to laugh on it. And we all used to enjoy even bursting the balloons this way. And there were some balloons that never gets inflated, it was so irritating to blow up such balloons, no matter how hard I tried they remain in their original shape & form. And there were some whic…


From the day I can remember myself, I had seen my mom getting up early before the sun itself and then trying to wake me up. But up till now all her efforts to get me up before the sun had gone in vain. She had tried each and every tactic but it has all been a failure.
But it is not always the same with me, sometimes I do get boosted up by the so called idea of ‘early to rise’ that I woke up at 4:30 am and this lasts for a period of certain days, some weeks and at the maximum it lasted for 1month up till now and again I slipped back to my usual timings.
I don’t know why I am not able to stick to my new schedule and slowly & steadily moves back to my own comfort zone but I never stop trying.
Sometimes I think that getting up at around 7:30 am is my Basic Instinct J hahaha… and no matter, how hard I plan and follow my new schedule, I basically end up following my BASIC INSTINCT. And the more I give in to my instinct the more anxious and confused it makes me and I again make new plans to…


Do you believe in magic? Is there any supernatural thing happening around us? Is there any parallel universe or we on earth are the only beings existing?
I know you all must be surprised that why I am asking such questions, have I gone madJ?
Have you ever thought of any such thing? It might be that you are busy now with your worldly duties, working hard to earn or to make your ends meet and you will say that we have no time left to think about all such nonsense.
Its true also that we all are so busy with our daily chores that we don’t even have time, for the things we love than how could we think of such nonsensical things. But try to remember the last time when you asked such questions either to yourself or to someone else?
For some the answer could be the time when they were too young, I mean during their childhood,
For some it could be, when they watched a supernatural movie like Harry Potter, X-men etc. etc.
For some it could even be a first-hand experience with something un-natural, w…


Do you ever tried to do something that you are wishing from a really long time but are scared of its consequences?
Ask someone who just confidently finished giving a presentation in front of a large audience in spite of having an immense stage phobia,
Ask someone who in spite of the fear of rejection poured his heart out to the person he loved,
Ask someone who went out of the way to set his career for something his parents were against,
Ask someone who finally had the courage to break up from a long abusive relationship,
Ask someone who in spite of being ridiculed followed his heart and reached the top and now is a famous celeb,
Ask someone who was weak and fragile but still had the courage to live and now is the most sort out spiritual preacher,
Ask someone who went out of the way to fight against the injustice.
I am sure most of you must have done something similar to the things I have mentioned above and you know how it feels when your soul is free. The feeling is awesome, right? J
And if y…


Sometimes God’s plans for our life are somewhat different from ours and that’s the time when we are at the state of uncertainty or perplexity of what’s gonna happen next. “THE DILEMMA” that time is unbearable, I am sure most of us had gone through such situations when we wish for something so much that it seems that God is making fun of our belief, our faith on Him, He is not giving us what we want intentionally. So sometimes, He gives what we wished for and most of the time He doesn't allow it to happen and we are left all broken and betrayed by Him. Now this is the time when we become aware of our inner strengths and weaknesses. The more weak we are, we become more prone to a disastrous life (some souls are so weak that they even commit the sin of ending their own life), and the more strength we show, it leads to a path of glory and more near to the spiritual presence of Thee. So here is a poem that I wrote when I was going through “THE DILEMMA”. Hope it will provide you all w…

Searching for love with endless tricks.

This is one of my old poem, would like to share it with all of you, hope you find it interesting:

I had heard all types of Fairy tales, Full of fun, magic and painful wails. With Love always concurring all hate, Blessing the beast or toad with a princely fate.
I had seen all types of romantic flicks, Full of music, dreams and starry cliques. With good conquering the evil later, Proclaiming the lovers to be living happily ever after.
But I had also seen the real life, Full of obligations, decrees and relations involved in strife. With hope always trying to subdue despair, People living amid life’s smile and tear. Each of us living a fairy tale of our own, Straddling between the spell of goodness and evil unknown. We live our life like romantic flicks,
Searching for love with endless tricks. ;-)


One of my old friends called me today after reading my post on “Liberated Love” and reminded me of one of her story enlightening me about the “Liberation involved with Love”. And on the condition of anonymity she agreed that I could share this story with all of you, might be you could also find this one illuminating your fears… So as all stories start, it goes like: Once upon a time J, I used to study in 11th standard and did a coaching to enhance my study techniques (as usually told to students joining coaching in their eleventh grade). So I made a friend there, named Neha (name changed to maintain anonymity). She also studied in the same class but was from a different school. We both became good friends from the day one of the coaching and were alike in many ways related to studies… like we both were average students in the class neither toppers nor losers, so we always used to sit in the middle rows of our class (neither too close nor too far from our teachers) rigorously taking n…

God's proposal

Gradually as I moved along my predetermined destination,Life started unraveling itself with more precision.The more I walk along this journey of perpetuity,The more it en-wraps me in its mystical eternity.One step, getting me through the illusion,And the other step, wading me through confusion.
Then suddenly one day God appeared and said:
God:    Shed all fears & let it go...Think positive & feel happy…You are again ready to witness a new miracle, A whole new world is prepping itself for you.A new sunrise will be there in your life &You will again be filled with the feeling of gratitude &This time it will be stronger & deeper.Love will fill your life with its full force &Will drench you in its magic potion, Casting a new spell that you have ever imagined.It goes beyond your imagination, it transcends all the boundariesOf your innermost imaginative soul.Are you ready to witness it? Say Yes…Yes, to the universe to unfold itself in front of you.
My answer:    Yes, I…


Hello friends... Was reading a book named "The Fifth Mountain". Almost completed it, quite a captivating book. But suddenly a sentence in it caught my attention:
"She was free, for Love Liberates" And this made me to ponder, 'do love really liberates?'. Had gone through different stages in life and experienced a lot, I still feel difficult to comment on this thought. I had always seen love enslaving people rather than liberating. The moment a person become a parent, his love for his child starts enslaving him, giving himself to the demands of his loving child.
The love for his family enslaves a good child to follow the path chosen by them for him and if his free will forces him to break away from his loving family bond, he is no more a loving child of his parents.( and this implies to many things in his life, like the decision for his friends, career, love and even marriage)
A loving wife is always enslaved to the commitments towards her husband, compromisi…