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I am the ‘LOVE’ & I am the ‘LIFE'...

I searched for ‘love & happiness’ in places all around, But was disappointed as nothing I ever found. Until I reached the abyss of despair, Convincing myself that ‘hatred & death’ are the more prevalent things here. I was trapped in a dark cave of depression, And my escape route was a hard earned lesson. A lesson that freed my pain-stricken soul, And ended my extensive search in just a stroll.
I found that finding ‘love & happiness’ somewhere else is all but a ‘perception’, And I uncovered myself from this persistent sheath of a man-made illusion. I know now that “happiness” is simply ‘me’ myself, I am the ‘love’ & I am the ‘life’, I am the one present in each & every vibe. I am the answer to my own queries, The solely one responsible to all my worldly- worries.
If I can dive into depths of my own strengths and fears, No one else can ever throw me again into an abyss of despair,


The below given thoughts are my insights about the 'strong presence' that we all must have felt at some point in our life. The presence which made us headstrong even in the most disappointing hour of our life.The presence to whom we may be calling by different names. For some He may be 'God', for some He may be an 'angel' and for some He may be just a normal person who became a 'presence' that brought a positive change in their life. So the below thoughts are dedicated to the "presence" who loves me unconditionally. 



The 5 FUNNY Users of Social Networking Sites...

Everything’s gone viral now. From scrub to love, everything is available online. Tired to go out for shopping, just install an app in your smartest phone (yes it is not just ‘smart’ now), and you will get it all at your doorstep. Feeling heartbroken and lonely, no need to worry. Hundreds of people are just waiting for you (as may be believed by the plethora of dating & matrimonial websites available now). Want to stalk someone without revealing your identity, it’s the easiest now. And even if you are not an online maniac, you can just not resist the temptation of opening an account in the popular social sites available; because that’s the way you keep yourself updated about the social happenings around, after all you need some gossip to talk about. So here’s a funny list of 5 different types of users of social networking sites available, that will instantly cheer up your senses and God knows, you may also identify yourself with anyone of the below given types:
1)The Lunatic:They ar…

Change: the only constant thing in life...

Initial perceptions of certain things I hold, Always altered into something incredulous like a troll.
From moment of peace to moment of war, My life has seen change in all,
My likes & tastes have all been changed, From friends to enemies, everything had been strained.
It’s true, that humans are blessed to evolve with change, So I was never surprised to find people, acting so strange.
Like a honey dipped cake to a poisonous drink, There’re people who change at my eyes blink.

This “Change” was the only constant event in my life, Bestowing moments of pleasure & strife.
And this “Change” has tried to change me a lot,
Still I managed to overhaul my heart’s broken cord.

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