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The 5 FUNNY Users of Social Networking Sites...

Everything’s gone viral now. From scrub to love, everything is available online. Tired to go out for shopping, just install an app in your smartest phone (yes it is not just ‘smart’ now), and you will get it all at your doorstep. Feeling heartbroken and lonely, no need to worry. Hundreds of people are just waiting for you (as may be believed by the plethora of dating & matrimonial websites available now). Want to stalk someone without revealing your identity, it’s the easiest now. And even if you are not an online maniac, you can just not resist the temptation of opening an account in the popular social sites available; because that’s the way you keep yourself updated about the social happenings around, after all you need some gossip to talk about. So here’s a funny list of 5 different types of users of social networking sites available, that will instantly cheer up your senses and God knows, you may also identify yourself with anyone of the below given types:

1)   The Lunatic:

  •  They are the most prevailing creatures online.
  • For them their online status reflects their true attitude. Examples: “Excited”, “Not Feeling Well”, “The Best day of my life”, “Moody” etc etc etc … the list can go on & on.
  • Their profile picture changes more often than the position of the needles of a clock.
  • You can track their daily schedule just by reading their frequent posts.
  •  You can find them always travelling, partying or shopping. In short enjoying the most out of life and you may be surprised (read jealous), of how the hell, such a thing is possible?
  •  And God can only save your news feed page, in the event of a special occasion being celebrated by your lunatic friend. They would post a whole speech declaring their love for so & so.
  • Take an example that your lunatic friend is celebrating his or her anniversary so the speech goes like this -“Celebrating one year of togetherness with the love of my life. You are the most special person in my life. I love you my darling Hubby”. I know there is an abundance of such examples that must be hitting your thought process right now.
  •  But you love or hate them; the lunatics make your online experience entertaining and even profitable for the online entrepreneurs.

2)   The Savior:

  • Saviors are a sophisticated lot.
  •   Most of the times, their online statuses are elite quotes and sayings about love & life often unfathomable by the normal humans.
  •  And at other times, they are busy saving the normal lot from online hackers and frauds. They literally treat a social site as a social responsibility. Example: their post goes like this: “Beware online users. These days’ people are hacking profiles and posting stuff in other people’s name, so if you find something weird posted from my profile, kindly ignore. And also please share this message to more online users”
  • There is also a sub group in this: “The Spiritual Savior”. They are like good Samaritans. They are so concerned to make other people wishes a reality that most of the things they post online are like this: “Whoever sees the below picture clearly, kindly share to 20 more people and your wish will surely come true”.
  • Ignore or acknowledge them.  They by large act as initiators in spreading the positive thought processes, innovations, social causes & many informative and interesting things to us all.


3)   The Like Kings:

  • This group acts as a catalyst for the other two groups mentioned above.
  •  Whether they genuinely like a particular post or picture is a matter of least concern for them (and a matter of ambiguity for others), their main aim is just to hit “like” irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  •  They are mostly online but you will seldom find them posting something.
  • They are busy spreading smiles among the majority of online users. (Who don’t like to get a new “Like” in their posts & pics)
  • So, they are the kings who can anytime bestow you with a blessing (read “Like”) and make you the new sensation.

4)   The Hibernators:

  • These are the inactive members of your friend list, showing less or no activity at all.
  •  Don’t be confused here, their less activity does not mean that they have deactivated their account.
  • They are just dormant online users or you can say that their account is mostly invisible to others.
  •  But in reality they like to keep a trace on all online activities of others.
  • They enjoy their own personal space and seldom comment on certain posts yet you cannot ignore their presence in your friend circle.
  • You will be surprised to know that the major contributor to the big number of friends you have online is due to the presence of these ‘hibernators’.

5)   The Baffler:

  • They are a confused lot of online users as they are always in dilemma of using social sites or not.
  • So you can always find them struggling in activating and deactivating their online profiles or installing and uninstalling their social apps.
  • Their online activity is also prone to their confusion. So you can find them straddling between the extremes of using social media too much or completely abandoning it.
  • Their mood-swings also contribute to their confusion and they end up deactivating their account, in case they feel sad or angry, and reactivating it the moment they are happy and excited.
  • They are the most sensitive online users. Like a child who enjoy showing tantrums to his or her parents, the same way these bafflers develop a connection with their virtual world i.e their online profile and hence show their emotions online.
So, this was my list of “5 funny users of social networking sites”, hope you enjoyed reading it. You might have found certain characteristics resembling certain people you might know or even resembling your own online habits. In case you wish to add up to this list, you’re most welcome to write about it through your comments below. 

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