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STORY MANIAC (An insanity that is gripping us all)...

You must be wondering that what does being Story Maniac mean. Actually it is an excessive excitement or enthusiasm towards different kind of real or fictional stories that a person comes in contact with, and the level of liking for these stories is so much that he or she wishes to inculcate these stories into their real life by hook or crook. Now you got it and you must be sure that you do not resemble a story maniac from any angle. But don't be in such a haste, I am sure your answer will change after reading this complete post.
Actually as humans we always search for stories in each and every sphere of life. So, whether its our own life story which are being published as autobiographies or the story of our personal attachments termed as love story. Then there are suspense stories, success stories, revenge stories etc etc etc... Different different stories for each and every occasion. And when we are not able to get a real account, we like to create our own story.
You may say that s…


Yes, the word LOVE is surrounded with so much enigma that no matter how hard you tried to avoid it; ‘Love’ was able to beguile you and made you fall on your knees. And the moment you plunged into this maze of mysteries, you realized many of the myths surrounding its mysteries.
So all those who fell for the below given myths of Love, read on and be sure to empathize and enjoy as the myths are busted and in-case Love has not yet bewitched you, read on and get ready to be shocked:

1.True lovers are like soul mates
If you are looking for your soul mate in your lover than beware as it might be fatal for your relationship. To be in love with someone does not necessarily imply that the other person will be like you or will have the same opinions and perspectives as yours. So stop molding your lover into someone you wish rather accept the truth that he or she is a different individual and respect his or her freedom of thought.

2.Lovers cannot live without each other
This is a myth prevalent from …