STORY MANIAC (An insanity that is gripping us all)...

You must be wondering that what does being Story Maniac mean. Actually it is an excessive excitement or enthusiasm towards different kind of real or fictional stories that a person comes in contact with, and the level of liking for these stories is so much that he or she wishes to inculcate these stories into their real life by hook or crook. Now you got it and you must be sure that you do not resemble a story maniac from any angle. But don't be in such a haste, I am sure your answer will change after reading this complete post.

Actually as humans we always search for stories in each and every sphere of life. So, whether its our own life story which are being published as autobiographies or the story of our personal attachments termed as love story. Then there are suspense stories, success stories, revenge stories etc etc etc... Different different stories for each and every occasion. And when we are not able to get a real account, we like to create our own story.

You may say that stories are just related to books and movies but think again.You will be amazed to find that a  simple glimpse of your own life will tell you many stories. As we remember past events in the form of stories and even for a simple thing like giving an excuse for some thing or gossiping with someone, we tend to tell it all in the form of a story.

We connect so much to our real or created stories that we firmly believe that life is nothing if there are no stories associated with it. For some this associated story could be his success story and for some it could be his love story. One may be striving hard to earn more and more money to make his Richie Rich story a reality or the other may be endlessly searching for his soulmate to achieve his love story. Similarly, we all, according to our preferences wish to turn a certain story into reality. And when our life does not turn out like our preferred story, we get hopeless and dejected. You must have heard many cases of spurned or rejected lovers harming their lover or even killing them. How could anyone who must have loved someone can do such an evil act towards his or her love. Now you know the answer, as that person's love story went against his expectation and he wished to put an end to his perceived story.

So, in this endless striving to reach the perfect end of our preferred stories we sometimes tend to ignore the emotions that lie between our stories. Here I will like to site another example of those couples who feel that there is no more love left between them or when one partner thinks that the other is not the same person he or she imagined in his or her love story. So they try to search for their love stories else where and they may even succeed to gain momentarily happiness but in the end it always lead to disappointment for such people.

So what is your answer? I would love to know the answer from all those who read this post (through your comments), that whether our pursuit for our preferred stories makes us ignore the small and beautiful emotions that lie in between our life stories? 

"Our Life Story is a fleeting strand, that starts with birth and ends  with death... 
The middle holds the key to the magic He has spread, And I am in no haste to reach the end of this thread..."

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