Yes, the word LOVE is surrounded with so much enigma that no matter how hard you tried to avoid it; ‘Love’ was able to beguile you and made you fall on your knees. And the moment you plunged into this maze of mysteries, you realized many of the myths surrounding its mysteries.

So all those who fell for the below given myths of Love, read on and be sure to empathize and enjoy as the myths are busted and in-case Love has not yet bewitched you, read on and get ready to be shocked:

1.True lovers are like soul mates

If you are looking for your soul mate in your lover than beware as it might be fatal for your relationship. To be in love with someone does not necessarily imply that the other person will be like you or will have the same opinions and perspectives as yours. So stop molding your lover into someone you wish rather accept the truth that he or she is a different individual and respect his or her freedom of thought.

2. Lovers cannot live without each other

This is a myth prevalent from the time of Romeo and Juliet. You might also have believed in it, but with experience you must have realized the fact that Love is not a thing that can be tamed by distance. Life goes on even when you are without your loved one and you still have that innate feeling of affection that can never be altered by the miles that lie between you and your lover.

3.  Love implies that your lover will be only attracted to you

Yes, it is a myth that we all know still we ignore to accept it as a myth. Love is not an antidote to attraction. The feeling of getting attracted to someone smart and beautiful still continues as before. It is not Love that can stop you from being unfaithful but it is your own values and morals that define your personality and your love relationship with your partner.

4.  Lovers know each other thoroughly

This myth takes the most time, in any love relationship, to get busted. Lovers are under the impression that they are very well acquainted with each other, they know each other’s liking's and disliking's but the fact is very well known to lovers themselves. If you have been in a relationship than think for a moment about the time when you must have lied to your loved one about liking something you literally hated, just to make your partner happy or to avoid any argument with him or her. But this is just a small example; there can be many things more that lovers might not like to tell each other. So this perception of lovers knowing inside out about each other is just another myth.

5. Love is to be on your Lover’s priority list

This is the most hard to digest myth but it is busted the moment life throws ample opportunities in front of you and your lover. The concept of distant relationship has originated from the very fact of choosing among opportunities. These couples living far from each other in the wake of their career or money proves the fact that in today’s demanding world Love alone cannot top the priority list anymore.

6. True lovers are better life partners

You must have heard people saying that it is just love that is needed to become ideal life partners. But when it comes to start a family life than only being in love is not enough, it requires a better understanding and compatibility with the person you are going to spend your whole life. Being lovers does not mean that you are also great in adjusting and compromising with the increasing demands of family life. 

7. Love is a solution to solitude.

If your reason of searching for love is solitude than stop it right now because Love can only provide you with an option but not the final solution. Even a person in love can feel lonely and secluded. There are times when people in love realize the fact that even your lover cannot take away your loneliness, when you are misunderstood, when your lover is not able to understand your innermost feelings and times when you deliberately choose seclusion to be at peace with your soul because there is a fact that says: “the best things available in the world had been conceptualized in a moment of solitude”.

You either must be nodding your head in agreement with the above given myths or must have rejected them depending on your experiences but the fact is that “LOVE is the magical force of life that transcends the horizon of human understanding, yet is the only magical thing being accepted and experienced by most of us”.

"When you are willing to compromise and make sacrifices for someone, that's where you feel true love." - Unknown

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