I am the ‘LOVE’ & I am the ‘LIFE'...

I searched for ‘love & happiness’ in places all around,
But was disappointed as nothing I ever found.
Until I reached the abyss of despair,
Convincing myself that ‘hatred & death’ are the more prevalent things here.
I was trapped in a dark cave of depression,
And my escape route was a hard earned lesson.
A lesson that freed my pain-stricken soul,
And ended my extensive search in just a stroll.

I found that finding ‘love & happiness’ somewhere else is all but a ‘perception’,
And I uncovered myself from this persistent sheath of a man-made illusion.
I know now that “happiness” is simply ‘me’ myself,
I am the ‘love’ & I am the ‘life’,
I am the one present in each & every vibe.
I am the answer to my own queries,
The solely one responsible to all my worldly- worries.

If I can dive into depths of my own strengths and fears,
No one else can ever throw me again into an abyss of despair,

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