From the day I can remember myself, I had seen my mom getting up early before the sun itself and then trying to wake me up. But up till now all her efforts to get me up before the sun had gone in vain. She had tried each and every tactic but it has all been a failure.

But it is not always the same with me, sometimes I do get boosted up by the so called idea of ‘early to rise’ that I woke up at 4:30 am and this lasts for a period of certain days, some weeks and at the maximum it lasted for 1month up till now and again I slipped back to my usual timings.

I don’t know why I am not able to stick to my new schedule and slowly & steadily moves back to my own comfort zone but I never stop trying.

Sometimes I think that getting up at around 7:30 am is my Basic Instinct J hahaha… and no matter, how hard I plan and follow my new schedule, I basically end up following my BASIC INSTINCT. And the more I give in to my instinct the more anxious and confused it makes me and I again make new plans to kill it J

But if we all watch our lives from a closer angle, we all have certain Basic Instincts that we all like to kill:
Like a regular smoker wishing to quit his smoking habit (each time thinking that the cigarette he just smoked was his last one.).
A person skipping his exercise routine from quite a few days (wishing to start his routine from the next day).

An introvert wishing to go to a social gathering from the next time (and enjoying his own comfort zone.).

And also a love addict who even after so many failed and disastrous relationships couldn’t stop himself to start a new one.

I think that we all have certain basic instincts which are like our comfort zones in which we enjoy the most. So what’s your basic instinct? It could be good or bad. If it’s the good one then be sure you are the lucky person here on earth and if it’s bad one then I know it’s not easy to live with it.

We all try to kill our bad basic instincts to make ourselves better than before. And in the process, we all are in the mid of a continuous battle that is fought between our “Basic Instinct” and “Us” (the “Us” here is our conscience that knows what is wrong & right for us.)

Sometimes we are lucky enough to win this battle (this winning moment could last forever and even for a short period of time) and sometimes we lose. But one thing I had learned from my past experiences: is to never get upset even when you lose, it’s better to give in for 1 or 2 days than accepting defeat that will burden you with a feeling of guilt and gloominess for your entire life. Instead just try to fool your basic instinct and in the backdrop start preparing for the next battle. And with each battle you fought, you will get more & more strong and experienced and finally a day will come when you will be successful in killing your Basic Instinct. I am waiting for that day still. And hoping that most of you had already nailed it or will be successful in the near future.

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