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God's proposal

Gradually as I moved along my predetermined destination,Life started unraveling itself with more precision.The more I walk along this journey of perpetuity,The more it en-wraps me in its mystical eternity.One step, getting me through the illusion,And the other step, wading me through confusion.

Then suddenly one day God appeared and said:

God:    Shed all fears & let it go...Think positive & feel happy…You are again ready to witness a new miracle, A whole new world is prepping itself for you.A new sunrise will be there in your life &You will again be filled with the feeling of gratitude &This time it will be stronger & deeper.Love will fill your life with its full force &Will drench you in its magic potion, Casting a new spell that you have ever imagined.It goes beyond your imagination, it transcends all the boundariesOf your innermost imaginative soul.Are you ready to witness it? Say Yes…Yes, to the universe to unfold itself in front of you.
My answer:    Yes, I am ready to witness the ways of this universe.I am ready for this new change in my life.I am ready to see a whole new creation of Yours.I am ready to be drenched in Your magical potion again, And again to learn Your new ways…Let the mystery continues, & my intriguing soul again sour high, To meet You & and in finding You meet the best of Your creations, And be amazed not just by Your glory but, By the sheer love You rendered in all of Your creations.And this LOVE is the magic that we as humans cannot realize.But YES I am ready to reach for this LOVE and possessed by it

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