Searching for love with endless tricks.

This is one of my old poem, would like to share it with all of you, hope you find it interesting:

I had heard all types of Fairy tales,
Full of fun, magic and painful wails.
With Love always concurring all hate,
Blessing the beast or toad with a princely fate.

I had seen all types of romantic flicks,
Full of music, dreams and starry cliques.
With good conquering the evil later,
Proclaiming the lovers to be living happily ever after.

But I had also seen the real life,
Full of obligations, decrees and relations involved in strife.
With hope always trying to subdue despair,
People living amid life’s smile and tear.
Each of us living a fairy tale of our own,
Straddling between the spell of goodness and evil unknown.
We live our life like romantic flicks,

Searching for love with endless tricks. ;-)
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