I am sure most of you have celebrated a lot of Birthday parties in their childhood. And you remember the time when we used to decorate our rooms with balloons for such parties. In my case, I had a small gang of kids for doing this task of inflating balloons and we used to compete as whose balloon would be larger, and in doing so I always used to fill the balloon with more and more air, using all my efforts. Actually as kids we give our soul into the things we enjoy, & it was similar, no matter how hard it was to blow a big balloon, I tried it with all my heart. And sometimes during this process the balloon got filled beyond its threshold limit and burst out making a large bang and all the kids present used to laugh on it. And we all used to enjoy even bursting the balloons this way. And there were some balloons that never gets inflated, it was so irritating to blow up such balloons, no matter how hard I tried they remain in their original shape & form. And there were some which gets inflated to a big size but before I can tie the knot securely, the air just oozed out, because of my own mistake or because of a tiny built-in hole that I didn´t noticed earlier…  so whatever was the case, as kids we used to have fun even doing such things..

And after reading up till now, you either must have gone back to your old days or must be feeling why the hell I am talking so much about balloons? The reason was I remembered this thing the previous day and that made me to ponder about a weird feeling that I experience certain times and would like to share it with all of you:

Have you ever felt that the thing for which you were waiting patiently is about to occur or is very near to you and your heart is filled up with all the pent up emotions that are struggling to come out. And when you are near to that final point, to your surprise, it´s by mistake or cause of something you never really understood, a small hole built in your heart and all the emotions just pass through it. Instead of the outburst, you were waiting for, your heart oozes out the emotions or slips them away and become deflated, similar to the balloon which instead of bursting with a large sound (for our amusement), got mishandled or possessed a tiny hole and got deflated.  

How that feels? The feeling is really weird because you don’t know the reason. The reason, why there was no outburst of emotions by you but instead you remained the way you were earlier and let the moment slipped by. You may blame later that it was because of the surroundings or situation that time but your heart has no answer for it, cause now it lies like a deflated balloon: all empty & without emotions. And then you realize how sometimes an outburst is better than just letting go off your emotions.  
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