Even the closest person was not able to understand you at one point,
And there were times when even a stranger made you smile,
The worst happened when you were on cloud nine,
And the best crept after you stopped paying attention to your nonsensical mind.

You passed an exam for which you have been constantly telling your friends that 'you gonna fail',
And you failed your expectations for which you were sure you gonna make through.
You stop believing on something that before was your life,
And you followed the path that earlier seemed impossible.

You were in tears realizing about  the pain & hardships of others,
And you were numb yourself while struggling with your own troubles.
You found out that the concept of 'devil' ruining lives is a bit true,
And you were amused to even find angels during your days of woe.

You were all revengeful for the one who broke your heart,
And in turn (might  be unintentionally) you also broken many hearts.
You finally found out that some strange things are not just words,
And they do happen making Life more acceptable to us.
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