My CRAZY Wishes... (A short poem)

On a Friday full of hopes of a happy weekend,
I dream of doing things that only my soul can transcend.
Yet, I wish to go beyond the barriers of my consciousness,
That upholds me with the fear of public imperiousness.  

I wish to stroll through a path unknown,
Without the fear of behaving in a particular tone.
I wish to show my love aloud,
Unrestrained by the sophisticated crowd.

I wish to laugh & scream, jump & fall without any reason,
And get drenched by the clouds while flying above the vast ocean.
I wish to sing & dance at my own clumsy ways,
And openly chuckle at some absurd ideological displays.

Yes, I wish a lot of things that sound inane,
Yet I dream to act like somebody insane.
I am tired of behaving as a human clone,
Lifelessly moving & fitting in a predefined zone.

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