My warning letter to 'Stress'

Dear Stress,

Hope this letter does not stress you more. I need to tell you to stop stalking me from work to home and back. I think you have become obsessed by me otherwise how it would be possible for you to follow me even while I am brushing my teeth. 

Weird though it sounds yet you are everywhere. You end up making me confused & scared. Scaring me for what I am, how I look, walk or speak.  Nagging me to do things in the ways you like, preaching me your own cynic ways of self-help, yelling at me for not compromising for favors. Mocking me for trying something new even something small like a new dish I try to cook, you are there to spoil it. Are you crazy or vying to become the omnipresent God?

Kindly stop trying to befriend me although your tactics have garnered you many followers and many have even given their life for you yet be sure I am not one of them. Though earlier I had a fling with your elder brother “Depression” who, I must say is more attractive than you are.  And I have already learnt my lesson. Yes, appearances for sure are deceptive and so stop giving me those looks while I smile. You can never win my heart.

Also I have a confession to make. I know you already know it but just to be clear I wish to tell you that I love “Life”. But sometimes when I am alone, you are in my mind and there are days when I feel that only ‘you’ can save me but that don’t mean I like you. Instead I hate myself for thinking about you and even feel guilty when my whole day gets wasted on you. You make me so weak & fragile that sometimes I break-up with “Life” and end up behaving like a zombie. And it’s the worst feeling in the world to live life but without having any “Life”.

So, finally I would like to end my letter warning you to stay away from me and be sure that no matter how hard you try to create problems in my relationship with “Life”, you gonna always fail. As for me you will always be that stranger for whom I had already been warned by many. Hope that you don't end up fighting with "Depression" after reading this.

                                                                                           Definitely Not Yours,
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