People change a lot that sometimes you must be wondering that “is this, the same person you have known for so many years?”  But change is good they say and you had to change accordingly, rather being the same person always.

But are your changing circumstances making you a better person or a “mature” person you rather liked to be called. Yes, ‘being mature’ might sound like a dream for most of you as somebody in the past might have asked you to be so. Be it your parents, your relatives, your friends and sometimes even strangers. 

Anyways, I was talking about change, and changing yourself is for the better, right??? But like all your fellow beings, you must be more prone to the other side of change. Yes, the negative side of it.
Like all the other babies, you were also born with an aura that was heavenly (The aura that makes babies so adorable) but it disappeared each time you changed yourself a bit:
Each time you felt a little less,
Each time your heart was broken,
Each time you were forced to suppress your voice,
Each time you complained and
Each time you pretended not to care but something inside you ached.
And all those times, you lost a part of your aura and became a little less ‘heavenly’ and more ‘earthy’ or you can say you became more like a ‘rock’. Your adversities made you resist life itself and “the explorer”, “the lover”, “the magician” that once lived inside you… died.

But congratulations! You are still alive, still breathing and still living life like a burden with pounds of bitterness that had accumulated beneath your skin like that unwanted fat. Though funny it may sound, and if you have read this article so far, obviously you are quiet tired of the burden that is making your life quiet heavy than what it actually is because you wish to change and this time it’s not the other side of change I am talking about but the real change. The change that can bring back the lost aura we all were born with. The change which do not transform us into an impenetrable rock instead change us into something like a porous shell that takes in what life has to offer and turns it into something as beautiful as ‘pearl’.

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