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My family was happy when I was born,
Yet I could see a glimpse of grief that was not known.

As I grew up, my freedom was restrained,
And now my dignity depended on the social customs that I was forced to maintain.

Gradually everyone started telling me about morality:
How to dress, how to speak,
How to behave and how to eat.
As if morality was the subject anybody could preach.

So as I matured with all the conditions been told,
Routine leering and lewd comments were the things,
I was accustomed to ignore.

I am told to cover my head with respect,
The length of my clothes define the character I possess.
Yes, I am a girl, a girl who is asked to be within her limits,
Limits that are infinite.............................................................
Yet the number of atrocities against me are not lessening its stride.

Yes I am a girl, a girl for whom, in my country, it is considered bad to drink. A girl who, during her whole life, would always be made realized by some or the other man, that she is a girl, that she should act within her limits. A girl who works in a corporate environment the whole day, and is not safe in her own sound homes during night. A girl who’s heart has been broken several times because she was not allowed to DO, WEAR or even DREAM things on the pretext of being a girl and in return she also had broken several hearts. And have you seen the paradox here? We worship a large number of Goddesses, yet the female to male ratio is the most screwed up here.

Yes, Problems are part of my life and with me they share a strong bond, you can always found me landing in some or the other problem. But I always found some or the other way to deal with these problems. 

Yes, I am a girl. Who still cannot fathom the societal norms set up by people with double standards. 


AND NOT AS A THING THAT NEEDS TO BE BRIGHTENED OR WHITENED, SLIMMED OR TRIMMED, OR OBJECTIFIED ANYMORE  that has now become a new trend (thanks to the prevalent commercials and their widespread effects).

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