How is your book of life: A BIG FAT ONE or AN INTERESTING SHORT STORY?

How you wish your life to be? 
Just like a big fat book lying on the bookshelf, which people dare to even hold or
like an interesting short story which rejoices even an aching soul.

The choice is yours.
Either you become stuck in the vicious circle of resentment and pile up the pages of distress and anger in your life's story or accept the current predicament as a new adventurous chapter in your life. 

By the way who doesn't like an adventurous story (unless you are afraid to face the challenge that life beholds). 

We all have read many life stories of successful people for example: 
  • Bill Gates, the richest person now, was not able to make any money through his first company "Traf-O-Data" which failed miserably.
  • Oprah Winfrey who is one of the most successful and richest people in the world today, even her life was not so easy. She grew up in Milwaukee, Wis. and was repeatedly molested by her cousin, uncle and a family friendBut Winfrey's tragic past didn't stop her from becoming the force she is today.
  • Before Walt Disney built the empire he has today, he was fired by a newspaper editor because "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas."

So as you know that the above examples are not just fables but true stories, they arouse a kind of respect and awe for these great personalities that is hard to explain. And the one similarity we can notice in all of the given examples is the sheer "will power" these great people had which ultimately lead them to success.

So think again before you crib about your present situation or circumstance. Might be God is adding an adventurous chapter to your Life's story. And it all depends in your reaction towards an unwanted situation. You can either reject or accept life as it is. If confused, do read the initial 3 lines of this post and I am sure your heart will give you the answer. 

(Want to know more about the failure stories of great personalities you can click the given link:

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