The Suspicious Soulmate Saga...

What is a Soulmate or rather question is who is a Soulmate? You must have heard people referring to there loved ones as Soulmate or must have read about it in various love stories but what actually it is?

This concept is explained in the most beautiful manner in book "Brida" by world famous author Paulo Coelho in the following words:
"And when people think of reincarnation, they always come up against a very difficult question: if, in the beginning, there was so few people on the face of Earth, and now there are so many, where did all those new souls come from?
The answer is simple.
In certain reincarnations, we divide into two. ...Our souls divides in two, and those new souls are in turn transformed into two and so, within a few generations, we are scattered over a large part of Earth...And that process of finding ourselves is called Love. Because when a soul divides, it always divides into a male part and a female part.
That's how the Book of Genesis explains it: the soul of Adam was split in two, and Eve was born out of him.
In each life, we feel a mysterious obligation to find at least one of those Soul Mates. The Greater Love that separated them feels pleased with the Love that brings them together again."

So considering that, it means that we all, unintentionally, are bound to search for our soul mate and there are chances of trial and error in this endeavor. And those who end up with a wrong person what gonna happen with them? Is this the reason for several unsatisfactory relationships prevailing here? Or the concept of soul mate is just unrealistic and is the cause of several break ups, as one person may have failed the other person's romantic ideals or soul mate expectations.

But whatever may be the answer to these questions, one thing is clear that God or nature (whatever you prefer) had planned the soulmate saga for each one of us in advance. And its unknown to us (no matter how much careful we plan our life) where and with whom we finally gonna end. It is like a probability question: 'will that specific event occur?' And the answer for its occurrence  is 1/2 or 50%. :-)

Having written the above lines and after reading it twice, I am certain that whether you believe in the soulmate saga or not, one thing is for sure, i.e. nothing in life is without suffering. To find name, fame, money & pursuing your dreams all involve suffering. And even finding your soulmate or you can say true love involves suffering, suffering of doing a mistake, suffering of being heartbroken. But we all know that life & suffering are inseparable. 
 "To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering" - Viktor E Frankl

Though the concept of finding your true soulmate looks quite improbable, yet many of you may be fortunate enough to already found that special person. Moreover finding someone who fits perfectly to your enigmatic expectations of a soulmate is not that important. What matters most is your competence to accept life as it is, with all the joy and discomfort involved and still have the guts to live, laugh & love the person you care for.

Photo by: Shannon Lee Miller

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