4 Hilarious Stages In a Love Relationship

There's a reason why two people stay together:
They give each other something nobody else can...

Ever thought of the different phases we encounter in our love relationship. If you look back until the present day in your relationship, you will at once realize the level of your will & endurance you must have showered on to make the relationship work. Here is a list of  4 different stages that I think we all go through during a relationship, so read on and you might find the stage in which you got stuck :

1. Surrealistic Stage:

Its the first stage of a relationship, when both the guy & girl just accepted they love each other, marking the   beginning of their relationship and with this they enter a dreamy zone.
Everything suddenly seems surrounded in love and you are surprised that why you never realized that even sci-fi movies had love stories as their sub plot. 
You become the center of attention among your friends and it seems that even your anti group is jealous of your new achievement. 
And the best part of this stage is that you are always in your best form no matter what's the time cause now you have realized your ultimate potential that "time does not effect you at all". The thought of  getting up at 5:00 am which earlier scared the hell out of you is no more a problem as now you can talk to  your GF or BF the whole night without even realizing that its already 5:00 am. 
Love seems overflowing at this stage, some might become poets for their loved ones, others nick name their GF or BF out of love(which to others might be quite nauseating.) 
So we can definitely say that the first stage is the best stage in any relationship when the couple feels at the top of the world.

2. Pragmatic Stage:

Its the second stage of a relationship in which the couple hits reality ending the earlier dreamy love saga.
With time both the girl and boy in order to impress each other had  already shown the best in them and with no more tricks left there comes a time when reality is revealed.
The stupid jokes which made the guy fall in love with the girl now starts revealing the dumbness of her personality.
The aggressiveness of the guy which once made the girl go gaga over him starts annoying her to the core.
The couple comes to know about each other flaws and this is the point when the thing 'compromise' enter the relationship.
Its the stage when you come to terms with your partner so called bad habits like smoking, drinking, his or her phobias for certain things, weaknesses etc etc...
So overall its the stage that drops you from heaven and leads you towards humanism.

3.Obsessive Stage:

Its the stage that inundates you with sympathy from your friends. Got it??? 
Well its the stage that is more like a test of your love and endurance.
Its the stage in which either one or both of the lovers got obsessed with each other, in other words insecurity befalls the love relationship.
This is the stage when you are really fed up with the incessant calls & messages of your lover. The thing which earlier showed the love & care of your lover now begins to feel suffocating.
This is the point when you will hear the most famous line: "I need some space now".
And this is the most dangerous stage of all as this is the stage that leads to most of the break ups.
The crying and shouting starts with this stage and the one who were once like magnets becomes like repellents.
I think those who overcome this most difficult stage finally come to terms with the real love and they move on to the next stage.

4. Conceding Stage:

This is the stage when the love bond is the most strong.
With now accepting your lover as a human (with his own strengths & weaknesses) and even passing all the insecurity involved with love, you now starts taking him or her as granted.
The couple now know the comfort level between them but sometimes the 'taken for granted' thing can prove dangerous even to the most strong relationships.
Its the last stage in a love relationship with most of the battle been won.
But the final stage of a love relationship does not end the journey of love. It still continues with new adventures in its path, testing the endurance of the travelers along the way making them fail or succeed till they reach their destination.

So this was my perspective on the 4 different stages of love. Hope you enjoyed reading it and if you feel I missed certain stages or something you wish to add on, you are most welcome to leave a comment below and share your thoughts and insights.

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