That Crazy Girl on the bench...

He was as usual sitting on a bench alongside the lake in a warm Friday evening. Suddenly his gaze settled at a couple sitting on his left-side. They were cuddling and laughing aloud.
He got a little irritated by the PDA (public display of affection) of that couple.

"Why people become so inebriated in love" he thought.

It was not that he was never in love. He loved a girl so much that his heart was broken by the same girl who dumped him at the first opportunity of getting married to a rich man. He was now all skeptic about love, he hated the very concept of love and people talking about soul-mates. He enjoyed a girl's company only for short duration. He hates the concept of being in a relationship.

"The true love thing is just a mere hoax" he thought but his thoughts were diverted by an aggressive voice. He saw the couple sitting by his side were now having an argument. The smiles and laughs he was hearing earlier changed into anger and screams. He was not able to hear their argument clearly but the guy was screaming on the girl for something and at the next instant that guy stood up and left the place in rage, leaving the girl alone.The girl still sat on the bench, covering her face with her hands.

"The same old love saga, she might be crying. How stupid & weak this love makes you" He thought.He watched the girl more clearly, her hands still covered her face and her amber colored hairs were all falling down the sides of her face.

"Are you crying" he said to her in an instant.
She removed her hands from her face and saw that stranger curiously looking at her. She was able to saw the smirk across his face.
He became immediately conscious and changed his expression. He could clearly see her cognac colored eyes soaked in tears.

"I was just saying that are you alright cause you look quite a loser, loser in love" he said in a satirical way without much consideration for that girl.

"Loser in Love! Ohh... so you think I am one of the victim of love. Right? Like you are." she exclaimed and started smiling.

"Suit your own sensibilities but be sure that love's gonna hit you hard one day" he retorted instantly.

" Love had hit me twice already, you know." She said with much exasperation.

"And still you are wasting your time in such a foolish thing. You are literally crazy"

"Yes, I am crazy. You know I got first struck by love when I was in high school. There was a boy who was our class head and really intelligent in studies but he was totally mad for me. He proposed me and I accepted his love without giving a single thought, as you know at that point of our lives we really feel excited to have someone as our boyfriend or girlfriend. And I was really happy with him for one year but then everything changed"

"You must have met some rich guy" He retorted with a sigh.

"No, I met reality... Actually I am a little embarrassed to say this now but that time I felt as if  we both were totally different, neither he was my type nor I was his type. He was behind something else and my dreams were somewhere else. I know it sounds cliche but that was the feeling then and as it is said its better to be in pain for a moment than to live with it forever. We both mutually broke up."

He was never able to get the idea of mutual break ups until now. He listened to her more attentively.

"Then I met someone during my college. It was love at first sight. We both complemented each other. Our likes, dislikes were same . We were totally in love. Until the time his love for me became his obsession. He started getting insecure. He became suspicious about my every move. Our love life changed into hell. There were all fights & screams. That in the end I had to move out of my relationship. But even then he stalked me for almost one year. I kept changing my phone numbers and apartments meanwhile."

"Son of a b***h" he said in anger.

"Yes he is, but you see, how finding true love can be painful. I was an innocent girl with dreams, like we all are at some point in our life. There were all unknown fears around, yet I fought through and was never hopeless nor resistant to love."

"But what about that person who was getting angry on you earlier. Who is he?" he asked with curiosity.

"Oh... with him love struck me third time. While I started working, one day I had to give a presentation to one of our company's client so that they could accept our proposal. And I really managed to gave a good presentation and the person who was the most impressed was him as he was the client that time. And that's how we met. Later we became friends then we fall in love and finally we were married."

"So you are saying that person who just left is your husband" he said looking all perplexed.

"Yes, he is. And he is also my true love. Moreover he was not fighting with me but was a little angry on me cause he will be going out of country for 6 months because of work and he wished to take me along with him but I refused because of my office work. Therefore he was shouting on me. Yes he was angry and I felt bad but it was all out of love. And I was not crying but I was all filled with tears of affection for him."

He was astounded by her words. "So you are the lucky one to find love" he said

"I was not just lucky but also was never hopeless in life. We resist or demean a certain thing that we are not able to get.  We either think it don't exist or feel disheartened by failures. But we tend to forget one most important thing that each of our failures teach us something important"

"You mean to say that what you have gone through with the other 2 guys in your relationships before was good for you. Now don't joke right. I know it must be painful". he said with much contemplation.

"Yes, you are right. It was too painful for me but you know each of them made me who I am today. I learnt about my own strengths and weaknesses which I would have never known if I would have not met them. The boy in the school helped me in mathematics, in which I was really weak, otherwise I would never be able to pass my high school exams. And the guy with whom I was in college was a very good orator. He used to give so good speeches and presentations that I was always inspired by his talent and tried to emulate him. And moreover this was the reason I met my true love, because of a good presentation. Right?"

He listened with an awe.

"And you say I am crazy. Yes I am, I know this and I love this in myself, because this craziness to take risks in life always keeps me going. Life is what? It's an amalgamation of unknown fears and as we move through these fears, life moves on or else it gets stuck inside our perceived thoughts."

For a while, he was immersed in his own thoughts, he started thinking about that girl whom he considered his first love and the grudge his broken heart still retained against her. But the words of the crazy girl sitting by his side made him ponder about those beautiful moments which he spent with his first love, who made him first realize about his heart's feelings, which now are mere nonsensical emotions of stupid people for him. It was not that he never wished to have such feelings again but he was afraid of those unknown fears, he realized that the crazy girl besides him was right, his life was stuck within his perceived thoughts and he never moved on.  He felt a sense of contentment within. He thought of telling his story to the girl sitting by his side but was displeased on not finding her sitting there anymore. His eyes searched around for her but that crazy girl was nowhere to be found.

Photo Credit: via Petras Gagilas
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