5 Paranormal Events Most of us encounter in LIFE...

“Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don't let them scare you unduly, for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.”  -  R. I. Fitzhenry

We all know that Mysteries are a part of life, whether we acknowledge them or not. And from the time beyond, we have always tried to label all mystical events with various scientific explanations, some convincing our human egos and some not. And whether we are a believer of paranormal things or not, the mere mention of such events either excite or bewilder us.So read on and find out some everyday paranormal activities that most of us come across at some point in our life:

Deja vu 

It is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.

Many of us might had gone through such moments called deja vu, for example: you might be having a conversation with a friend and suddenly you feel a little weird as if you have already encountered the exact same moment before, or you might be visiting a place first time but you feel that you had already seen that place before.

There are more than 40 theories as to what deja vu is and what causes it, and they range from reincarnation to glitches in our memory processes and still there is little firm research with no definitive explanation for its occurrence Except for the fact that it is believed to be the result of our sub conscious mind. But whatever the reason may be, encountering a deja vu is really a strange feeling (which most of you must have known).


It is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction.

I am sure most of you must have encounter a situation when you were thinking or missing a person very much and suddenly you got a call from that same person in that instant or even a message. And sometimes the frequency of brain waves of two different persons matches so much that they think and even speak the same thing all at once. Strange as it sounds its quite a usual thing happening among us.


It is a feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event.

There are times when we feel quite uneasy or scared of the next moment that we avoid going to a place that we were supposed to go earlier. And we are later shocked and relieved to know that something terrible happened at the same place we avoided to go. Even our dreams sometimes foretell the future events of our life. And there are certain people who have strong intuitions or premonitions about future events. Has these simply been coincidences or our superstition? Or the mind really has the power to foresee the future events is still a debatable question for many scientists.


Doppelganger, German word meaning “look-alike” or “double walker”, originally meant a ghost or shadow of a person but nowadays it simply refers to a person that is a look-alike of another person.

There are times when you run across a certain stranger which looks quite familiar with someone you might know or certain times you might be told by several people that you look exactly like someone in their family or friends. Its quite weird to hear that and we normally don't pay much attention to such things until we would meet our doppelganger. But their are certain people who claim that they have seen their look-alike and were totally startled.

But here one thing caught my attention and that was the use of words: 'same' and 'similar'. There could be a possibility of similar looking individuals but to see the same replica of a person is a quite doubtful. Though some studies say that there are 6 other people around the world that look exactly like us. And I think it would be quite interesting to meet them (though there's a myth that meeting your doppelganger is the sign of bad luck or even death). There are certain historical figures who had claimed to be haunted by their doppelganger, to know about it you can click the link below:

Anomalous experiences or Benign hallucination

Anomalous experiences imply that the the 'person having the experience', experiences it as of paranormal, psychic or bizarre kind such that it cannot easily be explained using our conventional laws of science.

There are various kinds of hallucinations and are mostly termed to be caused by mental illness but some of the Anomalous experiences, such as so-called benign hallucinations, may occur in a person in a state of good mental and physical health. Studies of benign hallucinatory experiences go back to 1886 and the early work of the Society for Psychical Research, suggest that approximately 10% of the population had experienced at least one hallucinatory episode in the course of their life. 

The most common type of hallucination that most of us have experienced is a 'False Awakening'. In this you seem to wake up from a dream while in real you are still asleep. Sometimes the experience is so real, as if you wake up in your own bedroom (for example) that insight is not achieved at once, or even until you really wake up and realize that what has occurred was hallucinatory. 

Though the above given paranormal events may either be mystical or science proven facts, they still have the power to inspire fear or admiration for nature's prowess and creativity. Such events makes us connected with the higher power around and within ourselves. Moreover they fill us with the believe and faith to find something new, as mysteries lead us in the quest of 'the impossible' & without it nothing could be ever achievable .

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