A Secret Code: "LOVE"

There are certain secret codes in life that are not easy to decipher, as these codes keeps on changing depending on the events & situation we face. Sometimes I feel that Life is like a Deep SEA which appears to be different each time I dive into it.The more I try to find the bottom of this sea, the more mysterious it becomes. Its like the more I try to decipher Life's secret codes, the more cryptic they become.
Like Love... I don't think that the secret code for love can ever be deciphered. The code is ever changing. The moment you get hold of it, it completely rearranges itself into an entirely new thing that is different for each & every single person..

I don't know how many of you agree with my above statement but if you do, then love has already shown you its best and its worst form. Its beauty in its best form during the initial stages and as you go along the journey of love, you start realizing the dangers involved with it. Sometimes it hurts, sometime its fun, sometimes it drowns you deep in the sea of life and sometimes you even transcends the state of ecstasy. Some people give up their journey midway, feeling all drained and hopeless and some continue with the twists and turns involved in the path.

So is love really enigmatic or its just overrated? :-) Whatever it may be... Love is kind of a clingy thing, even if you hate it,  you still have to admit that at-least once you got struck by it, cause that's the way you got enough reasons for hating it so much or either you are too freaked out to take the risks involved.
Do the most reliable search engine: "GOOGLE" have any answer to my question. So I even tried searching it in GOOGLE and was amazed to find that Love is not such a secret thing on the internet as I was thinking, its been defined by thousands of dictionaries available on the net. And according to the most reliable dictionary i.e. Oxford, Love is defined as a strong feeling of affection & sexual attraction for someone (with 2 or 3 more variant of this definition). But this definition increased my confusion more as it includes two virtues i.e. "affection" and "sexual attraction". So may I assume that Love is a balance between these 2 virtues or the quotient of one thing can be greater or smaller than the other? Now God only knows this. So you see its quite complicated and I better not go deep into it because millions & millions of renowned creative thinkers, writers & artists have already tried to capture love in their works through books, painting, music etc etc... But love is still the area of interest for many creative artists and will remain so even in future because its the biggest miracle bestowed to us by God  which is undeciphered till now, and as said before: Its still a secret code which rearranges itself each time you think you succeeded in deciphering it.
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