MY weird RESOLUTION this YEAR...

Hello everyone... happy new year to all... so once again an another year have just begun and most of us are quite excited about it.. new year, new resolutions, new hopes of getting something we aspire... everything seems to be new.. right? :-)
And this happens to all of us with the start of each new year but how many of us continue with this goodly new feeling throughout the year... for some it could be max 8 months (i am stressing here maximum) and for some it could end just after the new year's party... strange but true...
And yesterday one strange thing happened: I was asked the most cliche question in the world, and it was What's your new year resolution this time? I know you must be asking what so strange about it, the strange thing was not the question but the answer as I went completely blank, I had no answer, I didn't thought about it at all. I always give up my resolutions midway. But the whole day I thought about it and realized that I should not give up like a loser and take this resolution thing as a challenge at-least I will try to do something better (I don't know how many of you think that way and would buy my point but i decided  to give a try again). So I started deciding about it and after much mentation I finally decided on something. But this time my resolution is a little bit different, its sound a little bit weird at first but finally I started liking the idea. So I would like to share my resolution idea with all of you.
So my resolution this time is to try achieve some of my hidden dreams rather than just pushing them away. Confused?  what am I talking about? I would like to explain it further.....
Most of us think to do many things in life, like there are many small- small dreams each one of us have and that we store in our heart's secret closet. We kind of feel weird or are hesitant  to tell those hidden dreams to everyone. Right... you might have some 'special one' to share that hidden dreams with... but think once again, do you really have the guts to tell each and every small hidden dream of yours to that person? And its OK if you don't tell each and every dream of yours, as its the one thing that is completely yours, I mean your hidden thoughts are better not deciphered by others... otherwise your craziness will be in forefront :-)

Got It?  And all those who have still not got it, I would like to tell that these hidden dreams are not our goals and aims in life which we specifically set to answer one of the most asked question by our parents, friends or for an interviewer:
"What is your aim in life?"
"Where you see yourself after 5 years?" etc etc  etc.. There are many such questions which we all face throughout our lives and until now most of us have a specific predefined answer for all such questions..(most of the answers are easily available through Google :-) and we all very well know that. )

But leaving that specific goal there are certain secret goals which we all wish to achieve and these are different for each and every individual. Like for example  a middle age working women who works hard for her family and has a hidden dream to shed those extra kilos she has gained, dreams to be slim and trim and for that she is managing hard some spare time for her exercise routine. Also a guy who is quite a well known dancer among his friends might have a hidden dream to win a talent hunt show in TV, he cannot quite tell about it to everyone who asks about his aim but this is his hidden dream, and for this he might be practicing or preparing in secret for his auditions. And so goes for a middle age lonely man who is quite frustrated with his work life and now wish to have stability in his boring life through a loving partner (but is unable to find a compatible one) but shows to world that he likes to be single.
So our hidden dreams are not just limited to the above examples, but they could be anything, anything that we all desire secretly, that let us to daydream and we feel complete if we achieve them. These may be small or big but they make us happy even if we think of it.
And I really want to confess here that I have a lots n lots of them... So I have decided one thing this year, I mean a kind of resolution for me this year is to just hold on my hidden dreams, and will manage to take out some time and try to achieve some of my dreams that too without telling anyone, yes, that's the fun part.
Once I read somewhere that "one should actually not tell his secret dream to anyone until he ore she really achieves it, it is said that only a fool reveals his secret dream to others." At first I didn't got the statement but later I realized its so true. So before making long claims about your dreams, first act upon it. Now I better got the thought that "Action speaks more than words"... :-)
So that's my resolution this year : to take some time out for fulfilling my hidden dreams, as God only knows when our journey will come to a halt and I will make sure to achieve my dreams before that or at-least I can try :-)
 So all those who made a new year resolution this year, enjoy each & every moment you try to fulfill your resolution without paying attention to how long you will continue with it.
Cheers to all those who are with me on this thought and made a new year resolution with new hope. 
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