Does Being SIMPLE hurts???

Getting all the 'good positive vibes' is definitely a great start of a week. So I was listening to this song 'Brave' by Sara Bareilles & also after a long time its snowing here and I can see the small balls of ice freely falling down from my window, a beautiful picturesque. Sometimes if you just concentrate on the present moment, it feels so good, peaceful and quite. But why such moments end so fast, cause the moment your mind strays away from the present it again start thinking about the troublesome past and the fearing future. Again your mind awakens you to be prepared for the battle ahead. And the calm present becomes oblivion. I hate this wake up call of the mind, it always forces me to equip myself with a fake armour of endurance. Why I have to fake this endurance armour so much? Why can't this mind leave me alone? It just keep my thoughts wandering from one thing to other. And then I keep thinking to myself am I normal, or does everyone goes through the same agony? But whatever it is, it's quite like a vortex of emotions, drawing whole of your energy towards this continuous thought process and in way draining your positive vibes and making you empty, totally negative.

There's a saying that I recently read, that Buddha imagined the human mind was filled with drunken monkeys who jumped around and were constantly chattering. And we all have monkey minds. All these monkeys want our attention and steal our energy.

So does our untamed 'monkey mind' really leading us to insanity? Or now this phenomenon of 'monkey mind' has become a necessary part and parcel of our daily routine, and some of us may even appear to be quite a smug on the way our mind makes us feel superior than others, we love the way it thinks, we feel quite superior on all the things we like as we think we are quite classy on our choices rather than others who have quite a poor taste. We usually quite forget the concept of individual differences that God had bestowed upon us and its quite evident on our social networking pages (abusing person with different likes is quite common now). So here's what peer pressure comes from!!! :-) Trying to fit-in a group, and you will lose your own individuality cause you think people will laugh at you if you tell them that you don't like this and love that. So here comes the thing of faking endurance armour...God I hate it.... Showing that you are all bold and beautiful, not my thing... and why one cannot be the way he or she is. A simple person, a person who doesn't wish to be the God of a group but a person who in-spite of being successful in life still stammers while talking and doesn't pretend to be fluent, he accepts his weaknesses and let it go.

So gone are the days where everything was "simple" or still the most liked things that exist are simply "simple"? Then why people have gone so overboard, why can we all  live without our pretensions? Does 'Simplicity' really hurts, or we ourselves are scared of its consequences...

If you have an answer to my question, you're most  welcome to comment on my blog ...

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